What is a hotspot VPN?
A hotspot VPN creates a secure tunnel between you and a secured and hardened server that encrypts and protects your information.

With wireless hotspots everywhere, the risk of hackers grabbing your data has become a major concern. The tools to steal people's data are available on the internet and anyone can learn to use them. The rising number of people  using wireless hotspots has driven this epidemic. A hotspot VPN solves this and other security issues.

Large companies with professional IT staff and large equipment budgets can easily create these services for their employees. A hotspot VPN is created for the average person. A good hotspot VPN is one that has all the strengths and features of the systems that the 'big boys' use.

Hacker detered by hotspot vpn

Do I need a hotspot VPN?
Anyone who uses the internet needs this protection, whether  using wireless hotspots and shared networks or when you don't control the network you are on. You likely even need it at home because your internet connection is probably shared with your neighbors.

Many people think that they are not doing anything on their computer that requires this level of security. They think that no one would have a reason to be watching them.

If you email and instant message, understand that bad people can read every word you write. Would you tell a perfect stranger all of your thoughts and plans? Think of the private things you tell friends and relatives in emails and instant messages!


hacker at hotspot

Are there other benefits to a hotspot VPN?
When you connect through a hotspot VPN, your IP address becomes the one of the server you are connected to. When surfing, the web site owner no longer knows who you are and cannot collect information on you based upon your IP address.  It is easy to identify someone by an IP address, due to the gathering of huge amounts of data the past few years. Masking your IP prohibits this.

Also, many places that offer web access limit where you can surf to. Connecting via a hotspot VPN allows you  to surf to any web site since the network owner no longer controls the flow of your traffic.  Many people live in foreign countries that limit their internet access. They can't use IP phones or access web sites that are deemed off limits. A hotspot VPN gets around these limitations.

Are all hotspot VPNs created equal?
There are various hotspot VPNs available to the public, ranging form free to very expensive. Resist the urge to go for a free VPN service. In exchange for providing the free service, you agree to limited  bandwidth and no guarantee of any security -- all the while, allowing them to data mine your personal information so they can sell it.

Some services are built on unsecure servers in all sorts of locations. The thing that makes a VPN secure is knowing that the server you are connecting to is a secure server. Anybody with the know how can take a computer and set up a VPN. They can even sell subscriptions to people. But all that creates is a secure connection to a very unsecure server.

How do I get one?
Surfbouncer hotspot VPN service is reliable, simple and affordable. They operate multiple, redundant servers in the USA, Europe and Asia for total reliability.  Get the Personal VPN today. If your country blocks this site, email unblock@surfbouncer.com for assistance.